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Blah Blah Vampire Emergency Blah


22 March 1985
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I'm a total movie geek
Love horror and Cary Grant films the best
I cry when I laugh too hard
I heart penguins
I am a procrastinator
I'm a horrible speller
I greatly enjoy the color teal
I’m deathly afraid of ants
I love tattoos and have 5 myself
Chai tea is a must
Love a man who can work a kilt
I’m addicted to the arcade game Galaga
I love to laugh and am quite sarcastic
And I wish I could dance like the Six Flags Man


True Blood gifs
alan rickman, alfred pennyworth, an affair to remember, animal rescue, arthur/eames, azkadellia/glitch, batman, batman begins, batman returns, batman/gordon, beetle juice, benson/stabler, bisexuals, blink, boondock saints, brim, bringing up baby, bruce springsteen, bruce wayne, bruce wayne/jim gordon, bruce/jim, cary grant, catwoman, charade, chelsea handler, christian bale, classic rock, clerks ii, clue, cobb/fischer, commissioner gordon, connie and carla, criminal minds, david rossi, deadpool, dick smith, die hard, disney world, doctor who, doctor who/river song, dodgeball, draco malfoy, draco/harry, drawing, dvds, eli roth, emily prentiss, eric northman, event horizon, fanart, fanfiction, fine art, flipflops, flogging molly, football, gary oldman, get shorty, gibbs/dinozzo, ginger snaps, harry potter, harry/draco, horror movies, illustration, inception, indian summer, inglourious basterds, ireland, james gordon, jaws, jim gordon, kiss kiss bang bang, kristin bauer, lady gaga, law and order svu, laws of attraction, lethal weapon 3, luna lovegood, mamma mia!, memento, morgan/garcia, morgan/reid, movie trailers, movies, multiplicity, ncis, nightmare on elm st, off kilter, p.s. i love you, paget brewster, painting, pam ravenscroft, pan's labyrinth, peace signs, peacock feathers, penelope, penelope garcia, penguins, photography, pixar movies, quentin tarantino, reid/morgan, river song, rose tyler, rossi/prentiss, sarcasm, severus snape, she's the man, silence of the lambs, sisters grimm, sleepy hollow, snape/lupin, snupin, sookie stackhouse, special makeup effects, spencer reid, stabler/benson, stakeout, stan winston, the batman, the big chill, the dark knight, the departed, the desent, the devil wears prada, the electric slide, the godfather, the matrix, the nightmare before christmas, the thing, thomas crown affair, tin man, tom savini, toy story, true blood, underworld, vampire pam, vampires, waffles, weasley twins, wedding crashers, whip it, wild hogs, writting, zombies